Walk in the goblin forest

02-04-2016 11:00

Check our Goblin Forest VLOG! => www.youtube.com/watch?v=5VLcB94Od50

In early April we took an nice walk in the goblin forest with Ella.

As a child I came here often. I wondered if Ella would like the forest as much as I did. It's a perfect place to take a walk with smaller children.

The walk takes only an hour.

She loved it! Everywhere in the forest 'elves' are pointing the way. There are several watchtowers which are obviously great fun to climb.

 She did not get enough of it. We had to drag her to the next gnome or to the next watching point.

When we came home from the walk, she slept right away.

Location: Goblin Forest aka Kaboutertjesbos, Kasterlee, Belgium