02-03-2017 21:08

Maxim has got himself a new bottle! This beautiful blue bottle is from TwistShake!

This smart baby bottle from Sweden has won several awards, among which ‘Baby Innovation Award 2016 in Belgium’.  I can sea why!

It is a smart bottle with everything you need in one package:

-        BPA-free polypropylene plastic

-        Anti-colic nipple

-        The super-mixer that resolves any lumps in the formula, and is also perfect to have naturally infused water

-        Container to store powder, fruit, crackers etc. These are also stackable. Perfect for a family like us, when we are on the go. Or when you just want to prepare for the next meal already!

-        Totally, really easy to clean and easy gripping wit hits exceptional design!

-        Sparkling colors! Idea: with more than one bottle you can mix the parts and create your own favorite color combination, or as it is called: Twistmix!

Check the website on:

If you are interested in this smart bottle: you can receive 20 % discount on the entire assortment with the discount code: ellamaxim20!!!  PS They do worldwide shipping!

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Onderwerp: Door: bellasimonenyc Datum: 05-03-2017

How cute is this!

Onderwerp: Door: myeverythinginbetween Datum: 05-03-2017

These bottles are so cool!

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