Twist & Shake on the beach

17-07-2017 20:34

Twist & Shake on the beach!!!
The other day when we went to the beach, offcourse we took our #twistshake bottles!
The newest one we have is the Sippy Cup. I chose a blue one for Maxim and he really likes to drink from this bottle.
But Ella too! So I'm probably going to buy a pink one too.
The best thing about these cups is they are spillfree!
To celebrate this perfect sunny summer day we decided to dance and twist and shake on the beach!
We jumped up and down, danced around, and enjoyed our beach day!
You want to buy such a cup too? You can get a 20% discount on the entire assortment on with our discount code: ellamaxim20 (They do worldwide shipping!)

In collaboration with Twistshake @twistshakebaby

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