Top 10 things I love about my babies

22-04-2016 21:55

Top 10 things I love about my babies:

Let's face it. Being a mom is a challenge. It can be hard sometimes. NIghts without sleep, terrible twos, teething, crying spells,hardly no me-time... and so much more.

That is why I needed to remind myself of the good things! High time to enlist my favourite mommy moments! This list made me instantly happy!

1. Their gorgeous little laughs

2. Their hugs (when they hug me or each other)

3. Their extremely wet kisses

4. Their amazing fragnance after bath time (Mustela is the best!)

5. Just holding them close to my heart, so close that I can almost feel their heartbeat in my chest.  Just like when I was pregnant.

6. Holding their little hands in mine.

7. Watching them sleep (so innocent and fragile!)

8. Cuddling time. Every night I reserve at least an hour to hold my smallest baby and enjoy his presence. That's heaven.

9. Bedtime stories: When I read my eldest daughter bedtime stories I can see her enjoy our mommy-daughter time together. And I do to. Then she crawls conveniently close to me. So very cosy!

10. And last but not least: The moment I get them out of bed in the morning. The first thing I see is the biggest smile on their face, followed by morning hugs ensuring that the day at least starts well.

Making this little list was so easy! I could think of much more things to add to the list. So maybe there will soon be a follow list ;-)