Spring Break

01-03-2017 21:32

10 Fun Indoor Kids activities !

Last week it was spring break! Time has flown by! Here are ten fun activities we did during the vacation with our children!

1.      Carnaval: Ella wore a Frozen dress and Maxim was a cute little clown!

2. Breakfast with Ella: We went out and had breakfast with Ella. (which was delicious!) She enjoyed the quality time!

3. Mall with Ella: After the breakfast we went shopping with Ella. We visited every toy store in the mall en she loved it!

3. Painting with Ella: My little artist loves to paint! So we took our time to be creative!

5. Cooking with Ella : She loves to help and especially to stir in the pans with a big spoon!

6. Painting nails: Ella loves that I paint her nails. She picks out the same orange color every time! My friend Ellen came over and we painted each nail in a different color. Fun DIY idea!

7. Grocery shopping: The four of us went grocery shopping. Normally grocery shopping is something that we do alone, quickly in between the daily chores in our small supermarket in town. This vacation, we took our time to go to a very big hypermarket in the next city. We all enjoyed it! It's crazy how everyday things can become more fun when you take time to do them as a family!

8. Me-time at the hairdresser In between of the activities with the children, I had scheduled a me-time break at the hairdresser!

9. Quality time with my babyboy. It is so much fun to take time to just sit with him and play together with Maxim and his toys. On normal workweeks I hardly have time for that. But when I do have time, we both enjoy it very much!

10. Do Ellas hair: And last but not least, whenever I have time for it, I love to try different hair styles with Ellabella!!!



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Onderwerp: samen genieten Door: Denise Datum: 16-03-2017

Dit doet een mama deugd om te zien! xxx

Onderwerp: Door: Monique Delaet Datum: 08-03-2017

Zo mooi An.

Onderwerp: Door: Nathalie De Decker Datum: 08-03-2017

Wauw super mooie foto's!!! Heel mooi gedaan meid. En je haartjes zijn weeral prachtig! Xxx

Onderwerp: Door: myeverythinginbetween Datum: 08-03-2017

We are excited for spring break. Will be checking it out!

Onderwerp: Door: cloverandbirch Datum: 08-03-2017


Onderwerp: Foto's Door: Voela Datum: 07-03-2017

Waw wat mooi allemaal en zoveel creativiteit. Xxx

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