03-04-2017 20:15

While I was looking for a nice picture to be framed in our bathroom, I came across these cute bath pics of our children! Since Maxim was born I often bathed him in the sink for practical reasons. He truly enjoyed it! I have now collected a series of photos of him in the sink. You can see him grow!

While searching photos I came across this photos of baby Ella! How much has she grown!! And those chubby cheeks!!! My little baby girl!

This one was taken outside. In summer I bathed her on the table in the garden. So she could endlessly splashing around in the water!

In winter we put her baby bath in the shower.

Only when Ella grew bigger I discovered the sink!

When Maxim was born they could bath together! So cute!

This one is my favourite!!!

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Too cute!

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So beautiful!

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