19-02-2017 12:21

#ShowYourLegs by #Veritas

February, the month of love. Valentine's Day has just passed, but the flowers that we have received from our loved ones still provide a romantic atmosphere at home, there are still some heart shaped chocolates in our candy closet, and our hearts are filled with love that makes us want to look good!

February, the month of love, inspires me clearly to wear cute, trendy outfits. Admit it, when you look good, you radiate!

But what's the perfect outfit without the perfect matching tights or stockings?

sexy red dress decorated with black tights with black polkadots! Stylish and playful go hand in hand! This is absolutely my favorite new tights!


schoolgirls look: a short plaid skirt with these trendy tights! These tights are just perfect for a short skirt!

Chic: A dressed pants with fishnet stockings and stylish black pump. These style pimps every look to a higher level!

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Onderwerp: Door: Iris Pribylla Datum: 20-02-2017

Zooo cute!

Onderwerp: Door: lesenfantsvontbien Datum: 20-02-2017


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