15-05-2017 21:24
Today was our last day in Italy. We packed, checked out early, because we ordered hot, sunny weather!
And guess what, it was like 24° degrees today! What a perfect last day of our trip! We drove back to the city of Pisa with our rental car, passing by beautiful landscapes, passing by the Cinque Terre, flower fields, vineyards,...
At ten o'clock we arrived in 'Pise'.
The city was filled with a crowd of tourists, from young to old, with all different nationalities,
And of course many Chinese people with a selfiestick.
(Don't get me wrong, all respect for them, what a world travelers are they! I would love to see the world too!)
So there it was, the famous tower of Pise! I did see it before.
In the high school I attented, it was a tradition that the 'last graders' made a 'Italy trip'.
But now, I was there again with my love!
We admired the Cathedral and the Tower of Pisa.
Afterwards we strolled the cozy streets, past the shops and ate our last pizza on Italian soil.
At last, we lay on the lawn under the tower of Pise, enjoying the sun and each other, enjoying being abroad,...

And just like that, our vacation came to an end. But it was sooo amazing, we have so many beautiful pictures and memories to cherish forever!
We can't wait to return to Italy, to show this beautiful, charming, colorful country to our children!
See you soon Italy!
Ciao -x-
We could not leave without taking thé cliché picture at the tower of Pise!


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