Full House!

29-03-2017 20:26

The other weekend we had a 'full house'! We had four children to take care of! Sara and Emma came to stay with us. Our two godchildren. So we definitely had a full house! Ella was delighted, because Sara is her closest friend, ever since she was a baby! A mere three years of close friendship, the two girls have!

The girls painted, they danced, together with Maxim they played cooking dinner, they played outside in the garden,...

Maxim is so sweet with baby Emma. He gives her little kisses with cute smacking sounds.

Time flew by with again a wealth of memories on photo...

Peek-a-boo Sara!

Ella is painting... her nails!!! Beautiful capture though of my big girl!

Dancing and a lot of giggling ;-)


Look at the picture on the right! Maxim pushing Ella in the puppet stroller! Haha ;-) Work it baby brother!

The girls!!!

Comment on Full House!

Onderwerp: Door: lovelylittlechaos Datum: 03-04-2017

omg that kid version of the dining chairs we have... too cute!!!!

Onderwerp: Door: mrs_lesley_c Datum: 03-04-2017

Looks awesome

Onderwerp: Door: garden_of_luxe Datum: 03-04-2017

Such cutie pies!

Onderwerp: Door: livewellplaytogether Datum: 30-03-2017

So fun! What precious memories!

Onderwerp: The grey wall Door: realitybasedmom Datum: 30-03-2017

I'm so obsessed with grey. I am also completely loving that decoration! I need to go meditate and try to find the long lost Pinterest mom that must be somewhere within me. She's probably tired too though.

Onderwerp: Full house Door: Denise Datum: 29-03-2017

Leuke mooie foto's. De kindjes hebben veel plezier met elkaar.je maakt er veel tijd voor. Heel tof.

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