27-03-2017 20:45

More sunny days? Yes please! So we can fill them with adventures to beautiful sunny places, so we can capture these precious memories on film, give them a place in our heart. Lovely adventures are good for the soul...

We went to the beach 'Dishoek' after our visit to the port city of Vlissingen. (Previous blog post, click here )

Maxim was so happy to be back on the seaside! A radiant sun in the blue sky, a gentle spring breeze, the biggest sandbox ever lay at his feet ;-) He played with bucket and spade on the beach. So cute!

What a view!

What tall ships one can spot over here! And so close to the shore! Magnificent!

That smile... Love it!


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Awesome post

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This post is good

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Looks like such a fun day!

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