Delightful moments of 'April'

21-04-2017 20:41

  Lovely and delightful moments of 'April' to  cherish forever... Some simple moments are sooo cozy that they make you really happy!

Like Maxim in the morning, with his typical amazing cute smile on his beautiful face,
His infectious smile, his beautiful cute little teeth! (I still remember, only a few months ago that he was toothless ;-) ),
the todler open mouth kisses, his little hand in my hand, that cute little belly,...

Ella who crawls against me when she watches tv or when I read her books, her head leans against me, she holds her little hand in mine and with her cute little voice she tells me she always wants to stay with me...

Steven who is goofing around with the kids, tickling them untill we all giggle and laugh so our belly hurts from laughing...

The amazing nature: beautiful flowers and colorful trees. Nature that blossoms in spring.

Cozy moments with friends we have known for months or for years, ...

Precious moments with family,...

Feeding cheeps with grandma!

And obviously lots of easter egg hunting... (these two little rabbits clogged between our plants in our garden ;-) )

Such moments are to melt, my heart overflows with love

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Kei mooi

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I love your pictures ellamaxim ;)

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