Bike Ride & Cherry Blossom Street

10-04-2017 15:00

I found some nice pictures on my camera roll so I made a double blog post! The photos and the memories were too cute not to share!

1) A while ago when the children were at school and at the nursery, Steven and I made a nice bike ride in the morning sun. We rode through the forest, paid a quick visit to his mom, past amazing blossoming Japanese cherry trees and sweet horses. We had a picnic on the beach overlooking the water at a recreation parc in the neighbourhood.

2) On the way to work I daily passed a street flanked by beautiful pink blossom trees.  I couldn't get this pink splendor trees out of my head. One afternoon in the Easter holidays I was off from work. So Ella, Maxim and I went out to explore! We made a nice stroll through the lovely blossom lane and around. It was so beautiful! Such a shame that blossoms do not bloom all year round!



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Onderwerp: Door: a_modern_homemaker❤️ Datum: 25-04-2017

the pink blossoms against that beautiful blue sky

Onderwerp: Door: theiliffefamily Datum: 25-04-2017

Stunning and just the scene I've been looking for!

Onderwerp: Door: Datum: 25-04-2017

How beautiful

Onderwerp: Door: purelysimplelife Datum: 25-04-2017

This is absolutely stunning!!

Onderwerp: Door: kumiho77 Datum: 25-04-2017

Beautiful ♥️♥️

Onderwerp: Door: jewelslobo Datum: 25-04-2017


Onderwerp: Door: s_sssleeparadoos Datum: 25-04-2017


Onderwerp: Door: christine_b02 Datum: 25-04-2017

Soooo beautiful

Onderwerp: Door: haleli_studio Datum: 25-04-2017

Beautiful pics!!

Onderwerp: Door: simplynatureplusnurture Datum: 25-04-2017

Your feed is lovely!

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