Castle Westhove Zeeland

01-04-2017 11:30

Here's one last blog post from the series of Zeeland. On the way to the beach we drove past a beautiful castle! I wanted to take a closer look! Wow what an amazing location, so much space, in the middle of the green and really close to the beach and the sea! The estate looked amazing, especially with the blue sky as a background! Can you imagine this place a few centuries back?


Oh-Oh ;-)

Comment on Castle Westhove Zeeland

Onderwerp: Door: Nathalie De Decker Datum: 03-04-2017

Haha die met Steven is geweldig!!!

Onderwerp: Door: heirloomtraditionspaint Datum: 03-04-2017

Awesome post

Onderwerp: Door: lee.razaleigh Datum: 03-04-2017

What a nice picture u have.

Onderwerp: Door: jawatte Datum: 03-04-2017

Pracht koppel

Onderwerp: Door: olivia_and_mummy Datum: 03-04-2017

It looks beautiful!

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