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Probably for girls only!

Braids are totally fashionable! I think it's great fun to braid my own hair, and of course the hair of my daughter Ella. Although my knowledge of braids is limited.

Here are some pictures of the 'braids' I often make my in own hair, and the standard braids I like to make in Ella’s hair. Either I leave them just as pigtails or I tie the ends in dots and add a festive bow to match her outfit.

I have recently been to the hairdresser for the first time for a braid hair updo. That day we had two parties scheduled, so why not. I liked my hair very much that day and I received lots of compliments! So I got the idea to share these pictures.

Unfortunately I did not make it to the second party as me and my son became ill. The second party was a wedding, and I love weddings! So I was in a very bad mood for being ill. Although the ‘dot’ didn’t make it till the evening…

PS I love the picture of my godchild Emma and me! She is such a cutie!!!  On the picture of Maxim and me, you definitely see at his cute little face that he was ill. Poor little boy.

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Onderwerp: Door: Kathleen Van Houten Datum: 03-02-2017

Ik wou dat ik het kon :-)

Onderwerp: Door: sanhopkins Datum: 29-01-2017

Love your hairstyle!

Onderwerp: Door: homebykristina Datum: 29-01-2017

Oh your hair looks so pretty! I need to do more braids.

Onderwerp: Door: sammiromero2009 Datum: 29-01-2017

Love! I've tried to braid my own hair to the side like yours many times but haven't been successful. Yours looks amazing :)

Onderwerp: Door: hairhousechadstone Datum: 29-01-2017

Beautiful page

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Onderwerp: Re: Door: Anne Datum: 28-01-2017

Beautiful, the braids!

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