Best Of May!

01-06-2017 12:25

May was truly an unforgettable month! May was filled with wonderful trips, unexpected surprises, fun moments with friends and family...
We have so many nice memories that I just have to share!
I still have so many beautiful unpublished photos that I feel sorry for just staying on my computer.
So therefore, hold on, here's an overload of May photos!

First of all... Italy!!! I cannot find the words to describe how incredible this trip was!!!

When we just got back from Italy, I had some friends over. We ate together and chatted all night long.

This hike in the middle of nature and flowerfields was incredible! Such a fun day! I can't wait to go on another hike!

May had such good weather. I can only remember warm sunny days and evenings. This evening we met with some friends. We played cup and other boardgames.

Just another fun day out on a sunday with such pretty pictures of my beloved ones ;-)

At Ella's school, they took this picture! SO cute!

When your 'little' niece is getting so 'big' because she's expecting her first baby! So excited for them!

We had a good time with the cousins at a wedding!

Warm temperatures require a pool party!

May, you were magnicifent! Now, up to June!!!


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